Minor Degree 项目

Grand Canyon University (GCU) offers diverse minor programs for traditional campus students. Earned in conjunction with your major degree program, a minor allows you to specialize in an academic area and gain a competitive advantage for tomorrow’s workforce. 在大学, you learn under the close attention of expert faculty, in classroom environments that cultivate higher ethics and our Christian worldview.
Discover the extensive offerings of our university and enrich your education with a minor degree.


Colangelo College of 业务 未成年人

Supplement your major with specialized knowledge in your preferred area of business. A minor within the Colangelo College of 业务 provides a quick way to gain additional business concepts and tools as a budding business professional in accounting, business analytics, marketing 和更多的.

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College of 人文学科 and Social Science 未成年人

Take advantage of a minor that will enhance your job prospects. The College of 人文学科 and Social 科学 specializes in minors that are industry informed. Consider a minor in Spanish, 咨询, 社会工作, criminal justice, case management, communication 和更多的. 

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College of 神学 未成年人

Develop your biblical foundation and prepare for service with a minor from the College of 神学. Learn to apply your religious beliefs to your daily life and partake in spiritual growth with a minor in Christian studies, 哲学, worship arts 和更多的.

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College of 艺术 and 媒体 未成年人

Enhance your creative skills with a minor from the College of 艺术 and 媒体. Pair your passion with the technical skills needed to thrive in fine arts setting such as theatre, 跳舞, 数字设计 和更多的.




College of Science, 工程 and 技术 未成年人

Develop the specific technical skills you need to compete in the engineering and technology and science field with a variety of applicable minors. Choose from biology, athletic coaching, chemistry, pre-medicine and beyond.

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Found the right minor for your undergraduate experience? Let’s start your degree.

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